Saturday, February 06, 2010

In Case You Didn't Know...

and if you can't tell....her big sister is BEYOND excited about that fact!

The proof shot...
View looking up at the thighs/buttocks from underneath.
There isn't squat in between those little legs, is there?!

View of legs and feet crossed at the ankles (feet on right side of screen). If any of you remember, her big sister constantly had her ankles crossed as a small baby. :) So sweet.

Growing baby means, growing tummy...

belly shot at 22 weeks

We went for our ultrasound last week right before Mara Kate and I left for our trip to Birmingham. It was nice to find out the gender a few days before going to a big consignment sale here in Rome. I had lots of fun picking out some cute girly things for this Summer baby. Mara Kate was a tiny baby in the fall and winter, so it was fun to get some different items for this little one!

Lots of PINK!
The beginnings of her wardrobe.

Close up of a cute cupcake onesie I found.

Cute smocked dress with matching bonnet for only $5.

And a baby blue Feltman Bros. smocked dress for only $3.

Since I was out of town the entire week following our ultrasound we delayed "celebrating" our news of a GIRL together as a family until this weekend. We went out to supper as a family, then on a little shopping trip to buy something special for the baby.

We came home with this soft, cozy pink blanket and these cute "mary jane" socks.
We settled on this particular blanket because Mara Kate has one just like it that is purple. Kane thought it would be so sweet if they had matching blankets, just different colors.

We asked Mara Kate on our way to supper if she knew why we were going to eat. She said, "To celebrate that the baby is a GIRL!!!" :)

We would have celebrated just the same if the news had been of a boy (we are just thankful for this baby, this pregnancy and news that everything looks healthy so far!)---but in Mara Kate's mind the simple fact that it is a GIRL (which is what she was hoping and praying for) was definitely the entire reason for our outing!


Katie said...

I'm so happy for you guys, especially MK! You know EA is super jealous now! No joke! I better crank out a girl next time or EA might pack up and move in w/you! :) Love all the cute clothes and I especially love your little belly!!!!

Susanna Rose said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you guys and love all the little girly things! I'm sure MK will be an awesome big sister, not to mention a willing little helper to you!:)