Thursday, November 05, 2009

Recent Knoxville Trip

We spent last weekend in Knoxville. We went to attend the funeral service for Kane's great aunt. She was a dear woman and a strong believer. She lived a long life and although I know many will miss her greatly there is peace knowing where she is now.

It wasn't a weekend of relaxed visiting, but nonetheless it was good to be with family for a few days, hugging and loving on each other.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few I snapped while we were there.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon. Kane's sister and brother in law also drove in that day. His parents were actually out of town until Sunday morning, so we had the house to ourselves that evening. We decided to go out to supper together at a yummy restaurant we all like. Mara Kate's kids meal came with a dessert so she was excited to have an ice cream Sunday. Otherwise I'm not sure she would have made it through the supper hour as she was very tired and looked like she was about to fall asleep right in her chair. But, once the icecream appeared she perked right up while we finished our supper and conversation. We really had a nice time visiting with Elizabeth and Choonghwan.

While we were in town Aunt Pat gave Mara Kate this moon pie "lollipop" and she thought it's BIG eyes looked funny, so she tried to copy them for the camera!
Thanks Aunt Pat. We are still slowing eating away on this treat.

Just a lazy morning at Tuie's house.