Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friends and Fun

Earlier this week two of my dear friends, Andria and Katie came up from Atlanta for a day-visit. We really had the best time just visiting and hanging out. We pretty much stayed inside as it was raining the entire day, but the kids played hard and had fun with Mara Kate's dress up accessories. I think they were all butterflies at one point. Also, Diego really enjoyed walking around with Mara Kate's umbrella. It was really great seeing some of my sweet friends that I miss and don't get to see as often now that we are in Rome. It was also fun watching our kiddos play together as well.

Diego, Mara Kate and Ella Ann

The "younger siblings": Alexia and Rane crawling around in the background.

Thanks Andria and Katie for making the drive up!!

Then, later in the day, after we said goodbye to our friends, we went to Chick-Fil-A and picked up supper for us and took it over to Shorter College. We ate quickly with Kane then headed over to watch the Shorter volleyball game. One of Kane's students is on the team and it was the last home game of the season so we decided to go and show our support. Mara Kate had fun (at first), but eventually got tired out. Shorter won, of course and it was a fun evening.

Mara Kate took this picture during the game. :)


lis said...

i don't know if it shows up when i "follow" you but i have a blog now! i'm really gonna try to actually keep up w/ this one. haha
love you!