Monday, October 12, 2009

Visitors Take Two

My parents were our second set of visitors this month. They stayed with us for one night on their way to a conference they were attending in South Carolina, then after the conference they came back and stayed for three more nights. It was really fun having them here, showing them our new home and also a little bit of Rome. We had a blast just visiting and hanging out.

One the one night they were here on their way to South Carolina we made sure to take them to the lake to feed the ducks that evening after supper.

Here is Mara Kate with Mimi and Grandpa before they left after their first night here.

Then when they came back, we showed them around town a bit and went over to Shorter College so they could see Kane's lab, office and the college campus.

Here's Mara Kate with Grandpa near a fountain at Shorter College.

Mara Kate fell asleep on my bed sort of randomly one day while they were here---she must have wore herself out! I really can't get over how tall she is getting...her legs look SOO long to me in this picture.

Watching the Swan Princess with Mimi before bed one night.
She wasn't really wanting to smile at the camera, because I was distracting her from the movie she was so enthralled in.

And, Saturday morning Kane made pancakes for us all.

He even made them in special "shapes" just for fun!

Mine was a heart. :)

A question mark for Dad...

and he also made a triangle for Mom....although the pic just disappeared, so who knows.

For supper that evening I cooked a pot of baked potato soup.

And we took some family photos after church on Sunday before they left.

Mara Kate stood on the couch to take this one---she got us centered on the first try!

While on this trip, Mom bought a kitchen torch and it came with the little custard dishes too, so for dessert on Sunday she made creme brulee...

Mmmm! It was really good.

I'm almost 30 and I think this was my first time to eat creme brulee...Mara Kate on the other hand tried it for the first time at age 3!


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looks like fun