Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Fair

The Coosa Valley Fair is going on all this week and we went last night. It's right here in Rome, so it was so convenient to go. Mara Kate and I went over to Kane's lab about the time it was finishing it up and picked him up. We made a pit stop at Moe's for a fast supper and then headed over to the fair grounds.

Mara Kate had never been to a fair, but she was sure she knew what it entailed because of seeing a fair on her movie Charlotte's Web. She had a pretty good idea and one of the things from the movie that she remembered was that the little girl, Fern rode the Ferris Wheel. So, Mara Kate was determined that she was going to ride it too! I'm not sure she realized how tall/big those things are, but after she saw it, it didn't sway her in the least. She was ready to GO!

We started out with some of the smaller kiddy rides and of course the first one she rode ended up being her favorite of the night (besides the Ferris Wheel).

Ready to go on the "lollipop swings"

Flying high with Daddy---giving Mom a quick wave!

Her face after riding her first ride of the night! She was so excited!

Driving a car---appropriate since she wants to be a race car driver when she grows up!

Enjoying every second

Her first bite of "cotton ball candy", as she called it. Yumm!
You just can't go to the fair without buying cotton candy.

The Ferris Wheel---the BIG one---yes, my baby rode this! (I don't even like riding Ferris Wheels---I feel like it goes too slow to be up that high. I'd rather be on a roller coaster that goes that high than a slow moving wheel)...but, she loved being up so high and loved seeing all the lights. Kane said she kept standing up in the cart to look out at everything!

In line ready to ride

Last ride of the night---motorcycles.
Next year we may invest in the unlimited ride armbands. If we had bought any more tickets we would have come out ahead getting the armbands, but you live and learn.

One last shot with Mommy---
not a great smile, cause we had just told her it was time to leave.


Papadog said...

What Fun ! I'm not sure which 'kid' has the bigger smiles , Kane or Mara Kate ! Glad you were able to share this memorable family adventure !
Love you bunches !!

Katie said...

How fun! That's great she had no fear! I need to break in EA at a fair next summer before Disney! I wish we had something great like that close to us! :) Love the orange shirt, by the way! :)