Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shorter Football

This past weekend was homecoming weekend at Shorter College. Kane took Mara Kate to the football game Saturday afternoon and although it was fairly cold, they had a really good time just Daddy and his little girl! Shorter won and Mara Kate liked to copy the cheerleaders and yell, "DE-FENSE" outloud.

I didn't go as my friend Bobbi Jo was in town and I was hanging out with her, staying warm at home!

Are you as shocked as I am that Mara Kate let this hawk hold her?!

Sometimes Mara Kate watches football on TV with Kane, but this was her first time to go to a real live game. I think she'll go to many more with her daddy as she grows up!


Katie said...

So fun! I can't believe she let that mascot pick her up! Very brave! That's so cute they did a father/daughter outing! I love it!
I loved the pictures BJ took!!!!