Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Shoot

On Friday I had two dear friends come to visit from Atlanta. One came that morning with her two little girls and visited until mid afternoon. After she left another friend, Bobbi Jo arrived early evening for a sleepover visit. We just had the best time hanging out together. On Friday night we got pizza and had a laid back visit. We even ended up watching Twilight together as Bobbi Jo had never seen it.

Saturday morning we lazied around for a bit then headed out to do an outdoor photo shoot. She took some really great shots of us as a family, individually and Kane and I as a couple. It was fun having some couple pictures taken as I don't think we've had that done "professionally" since our wedding.

She has also been practicing taking close up shots of different rings lately, so I asked her to take some shots of mine---especially now that I have my anniversary band too. So, those shots are at the end of the album, as well as some of Bobbi Jo herself that I took! I did have her amazing camera to work with, but I was happy that they turned out as well as they did as I don't have near the talent or experience she does. To check out the entire album click HERE! Enjoy!

Let me know which are your favorites----I know I'll have trouble narrowing the choice down for the prints I want to order.


Bobbi Jo said...
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Dad said...

Very good shots. Hard to pick favorites.

Jason Vinson said...

Wow! These photos are great of all of you! Sorry I can't help you on favorites there are SO many great ones. Where were these taken? I love the church photos and the ones in the road lined by trees (one of favorites). I also love the colors you chose. Great hues on all of you. I've been waiting to get profession photos done of our family; many just wondering when is the best time. Any recommendations on ages? Rachel is 16 months right now and Josh 2 and a half.

Jason Vinson said...

BTW- this is Kim, not Jason as you may have guessed. Oops.

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

Hi Kim -
This is Bobbi Jo, I am the photographer who took Jana's pictures, I think you use to go to ChristChurch no? I live in Atlanta and have my own photography business, www.blog.bobbijobrooksphotography.com is my new blog. I would love to help you figure out options for a family portrait session.