Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy 5th Indeed!

Kane and I had a wonderful anniversary celebration last night! We dressed up and went to supper at P.F. Changs, then went to Atlantic Station to walk around and then we got dessert. We found an empty bench and just sat for a long time talking about life, the changes that are coming and all we've walked through over the past five years. It was a really special evening for us and I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with a wonderful marriage and me with such a sacrificial, hard-working, loving, devoted husband. I could not ask for more.

About to go out to dinner. I am wearing the dress I wore the night of our wedding rehearsal. Kane loves this dress so I wanted to wear it on this milestone anniversary for him.

We exchanged cards and gifts over supper and I gave Kane a framed collage for his new office. It had 6 photos in it. One of us from our wedding and then five more---one taken from each year we've been married. In the center it had a list of words of things that have been significant of our time in Atlanta as well as for our marriage itself. Sorry, no picture of that.

But this is what Kane gave ME!

An anniversary band!
I've actually wanted this ring (for our 5th anniversary) since we bought our wedding bands. I thought it would really complete my set and look gorgeous with my other rings. Kane was so sweet to meet my expectations and treat me to such a memorable and special anniversary gift. I love you, sweetie! You are too good to me!

The complete set!

The solitaire of course was my engagement ring and I got the first round band on our wedding day, which is what I've worn for the past 5 years. Then last night I added the second band to the other side. I absolutely love, love, love the way it looks all together and what it signifies as well!

Five years is a milestone!


Katie said...

Love the ring! Glad you all had a great time last deserved it!


Jason and Kim Vinson said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! What a great surprise too- gorgeous ring ; )

Susanna Rose said...

You look gorgeous and the ring is perfect with your other ones! How special! So happy for you guys!:)

Brittany Duckett said...

Congrats!! I love to hear how you guys are doing well.. its inspiring!

Betsy said...

Congrats! I love the ring!

Janelle said...

gorgeous!! glad y'all had a great night. :)

Dad said...

With finishing the Ph.D and five years of marriage at the same time, it was really a great time to sit and reflect and look forward. Glad you two had a great anniversary dinner and evening!