Saturday, June 20, 2009


Life right now is pretty hectic. That's he main reason I haven't posted as consistently as I normally do. Please bear with me over the next few weeks until we get ourselves moved and somewhat settled. I'm sure I'll have lots to post about soon as we will have lots of changes happening.

In the week I've been home from the beach I've packed a lot of boxes. Had moving companies come to give estimates and also got the keys to our new house in Rome. A friend and I drove up yesterday with a car load of stuff. I got the keys and we started painting Mara Kate's new room. Her favorite color is green if you didn't already know and she has been praying for a green house! Well, the house we got isn't green so we decided we'd paint her new room green to help with that disappointment. Well, my friend Christy and I got about half of the work done while we were there yesterday (I'm so thankful for her help and the chance to chat and catch up while we worked).

Because I can't stop thinking about something until it is DONE and because Kane was working all day today (still is actually while I'm typing at almost 8pm), which means Saturdays don't really feel like Saturdays at all right now---I decided to go back up there today to finish up the painting.

Yesterday I left Mara Kate in Atlanta with my friend Katie (who graciously kept her for the ENTIRE day). So, today I decided I'd take her and a portion of her books/toys to give her something to do while I painted. She had not seen the house yet, so she was very excited to see it in person and was also very excited about seeing her green room too! She also helped me "roll" some paint on the walls using a small edger roller, which made her feel very big and special.

After I got her room finished up I decided to do some of the cleaning I want to do before we move in. I tackled the kitchen---scrubbing cabinets inside and out as well as cleaning the counter tops, the outside surfaces of the appliances & the sink as well as mopped the floor. There is still more I want to do before we begin moving stuff in, but I feel like I got a good start on things. I am pretty tired out now though. After finishing up at the house I drove back to Atlanta and stopped at the grocery store to do my grocery shopping before heading home. Once home I gave MK at a bath and now I'm sitting down for the first time all day! Phew!


Betsy said...

Moving is so exhausting! Glad you're making progress on the new house. You'll enjoy having a HOUSE after years in an apartment!

Dad said...

I'm proud of you for getting a jump on things and getting things done already!