Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's that I know.
Especially to Kane, my Dad and Kane's Dad! All three of you have blessed my life in more ways than can be counted!

Mara Kate and I made "breakfast in bed" for Kane this morning (which simply consisted of two pieces of cinnamon toast and a cold glass of milk). :) We also gave him his presents first thing before he even got out of bed. We got him a mouse pad with Mara Kate's picture on it (for his new office at Shorter College), a new belt (such a "Dad gift" I know, but it's something he needed/wanted) and a plaster heart wall hanging with Mara Kate's hand print in the middle. So sweet and it will probably be cherished more as her hand grows over the years.

Mara Kate with her Daddy after a yummy Father's Day lunch at Jim 'N Nicks BBQ!


Dad said...

I had a good Father's Day here. Just wish you and Heidi could have been here as well. I was really missing Dad today. This was the first Father's Day of my life that I couldn't see him or call him. I guess that life just marches on.