Monday, May 18, 2009

To Do

We are moving in less than 10 weeks. Feeling just a little busy and overwhelmed.

So, here's a sampling of my current to do list (in completely random order, which is sort of the order I'm getting things done these days) :

-laundry (almost an everyday thing)

-exercise (try to do this at least 4 times a week)

-plant flowers in container gardens---(they are sitting on my deck waiting to go into the containers)

-pack entire apartment

-arrange and book movers and a moving truck and possibly some extra help (this is on Kane's to do list, but I can't forget about it until it's done)

-buy Kane an anniversary gift and a graduation gift (partially done)

-buy a wedding present

-attend wedding shower

-clean out my fridge

-pack away MK's winter clothes (yes, I know I should have already done this by now, but just haven't made the time)

-house hunt in Rome

-secure a place to live in Rome


-grocery shopping (DONE for this week)

-library (renew expired card so I can get some books to take to the beach) (DONE)

-post office (DONE)

-pack for my Summer trips

-be out of town for my trips which means I won't be getting any of this other stuff done during that time



-bathe 3 yr old

So, to my faithful readers out there who check my blog multiple times a day (I know there are millions of you) to see if there has been an updated post----this list is for you.

If I don't get around to blogging as often as I normally do in the next few weeks and you are wondering why, refer to the list above and you'll know what I'm up to instead! :)


Robert Kingston said...

I obviously don't read this blog enough - I saw this and thought you were moving to Italy.

Dad said...

As organized as your are, I'm sure you will get everything done! Love you.

Christy said...

Jana, what can i do to help? I miss you! Hope we can hang out soon, even if it's to pack a few boxes together!