Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter (Better Late Than Never)

Easter morning, Family Photo

We spent our Easter weekend in Knoxville with Kane's family. The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun visiting, eating, hiding eggs and consuming large amounts of candy and chocolate. I think we also did a bit of shopping too.

Kane took his computer with him, which meant we were able to head up earlier than usual and he spent most of his time on Friday in his parent's basement working while Mara Kate and I were upstairs playing. Having the extra day in Knoxville made for a more relaxing weekend.

On Saturday we went over to a lawn/garden store that had some 4-H animals set up for kids to pet and have their picture made with. Mara Kate really enjoyed seeing the lambs, bunnies and chicks. I saw the biggest bunny I'd ever seen in my life----it was literally larger than most puppies and the size of some full grown smaller dog breeds. It was just plain HUGE!

Sunday we had a wonderful time in worship and Mara Kate enjoyed playing in the 3 year old class and was out on the playground when I went to pick her up after the service. We had a big lunch with Kane's extended family and also celebrated his Mom's birthday that weekend too.

We were going to head home Sunday afternoon, but decided to stay put another day in order to save some driving time. Kane had an interview scheduled in Rome, GA on Tuesday morning, so we would have driven from Knoxville back to Atlanta, then less than 24 hours later driven back up the interstate to Rome for the, we just chilled in Knoxville one more day, Kane got to work some more from an empty office at his dad's store and then we headed straight from Knoxville to Rome. It worked out nicely and once we got back home from the interview we were able to just unpack and stay put.

To see more pictures of our Easter weekend, click here.


Gator said...

Great post! I LOVE the girl's dresses! So fun!
Glad ya had a good Easter!
Love you guys!
Gator :)