Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six Month Review & Tour of the South

Next week Kane has his 6 month review. This is a big hurdle in grad school and is pretty much the last "hoop" to jump through until he defends and completely finishes his degree. We've waited a long time for him to get to this point in grad school and we are glad it's finally here and ready for it to be behind us. So, this weekend will once again be filled with Kane working a lot. We are hoping things will calm down a bit after his review (at least on the weekends) and we'll have more of a life together as a family. I am ready for that to happen, if it actually does happen. I feel like even when we think things are going to be calm, other things pop up unexpectedly and we still miss time together, so I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, as I know in this part of grad school crazy, busy schedules are sort of par for the course.

Also, next week Kane's sister is coming to visit for a few days. She teaches school and will be off for her Spring Break. She is doing a "Tour of the South" and making her rounds to visit family in different places in the South where we all live. We are the second "stop" on her tour---she'll come here after she goes to Knoxville then after us she'll head over to Birmingham to visit Kane's brother and his wife and then complete the circle and head back home to Nashville.

It'll be fun to have her and I know Mara Kate will enjoy having BeBe here to play! (I'll enjoy it too, having help keeping Mara Kate entertained for a couple days). :) Also, I do enjoy Elizabeth's company and enjoy hanging out with her. BeBe, have a safe trip and we'll see you soon!

Elizabeth (with a much younger Mara Kate) who will be going on tour soon!
Be sure to see her in a town near you!


alley said...

So fun that Aunt BeBe is coming!
Have fun! Love you!

crossfield said...

Awwww.... how sweet! I have that picture on my desk. I cut it out from the calendar y'all gave me. I am really looking forward to the whole trip. Be sure to take advantage of some free babysitting while I'm there! :)