Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Better On The One Hand, Worse On The Other

Helping me put away a new pack of toilet paper...and acting quite silly on her way. :)

I think Mara Kate is feeling better and is pretty much recovered from both her pink eye and her head cold. She is definitely acting like her normal active, silly self (as you can see from the picture above), for which we are thankful.

However, the age/stage she is in right now is proving to be quite difficult at times. Mara Kate has been doing little naughty things that are usually out of character for her and I really don't know why all of a sudden she has decided to try a walk on the wild side!

Within the past couple weeks she has peed twice in her pants! Come on! She has been potty trained for months without any accidents and this week she has two?! One on the couch where, when I asked her why she didn't get up and run to the potty she said, "Cause I was tending to be sleeping!" Oh, I guess that makes sense since you don't know you need to go pee pee when you are ASLEEP--right!!

The second time she was just sitting on her bed, wide awake and peed. I actually thought that she MIGHT do that (because of what happened on the couch) and I went into her room to remind her that she should NOT pee pee in her pants because she didn't have on a diaper (normally at nap time and bed time she wears a diaper, because she does pee in her sleep often).

Well, as soon as I said that she rolled over and pointed at her hind end---yep, soaked! Great! She didn't even have a reason for that time, just an "I don't know". I promptly gave her a wet and very cold rag and told her to clean herself up. She didn't enjoy this process and squawked and cried the whole time, but she eventually got her wet clothes off and wiped her self off (which I re-did to make sure she was really clean).

She has also ripped some pages in books, which she has never done before. Why now?! I thought it was supposed to be Terrible 2's! Well, she's 3 and I think this is much harder at moments than the 2's were overall.

So, here's the question for all you seasoned parents out there. What was the hardest age/stage for you and when will the 3 year old version of this purposeful defiance pass?! I'm guessing never, since she is a little sinner, like the rest of us!


Dad said...

The best thing to do is to get out the owner's manual she came with and consult that. Oh, wait, that's right....she didn't come with one. Sometimes, you just scratch your head and wonder "what's that all about?". It may be when she's three, may be when the teenage years hit, or anywhere in between, but the question is always the same: "what's that all about?" But I know that you (and she) will make it through okay! Love you!

A Jane said...

You answered you own question in your last sentence! But the good news is that there are some sweet and sometimes funny times in between that endear them to us and keep us from giving them away! Hang in there...It makes us more dependant on our heavenly father... Oh, the joys (and trials) of parenting! If it gets too hard, just send her my way...I will spoil her for you and send her back!!! =)

Christy said...

I love you Dad's comment Jana! Made me giggle...hang in there, and remember what I told you on Saturday: I'm going to be coming to YOU for parenting advice one of these days!!! And that's because I admire you so much and think you are doing such a great job with MK..you're a wonderful Mom!! BTW, your blog looks adorable!

Andria said...

I feel the same way Jana! I thought it was supposed to be Terrible Two's, but the Three's are proving to be much harder. I think kids are still pretty innocent when they're two and are just exploring the world, but at three they are smarter and know perfectly well when they're doing something wrong, but do it anyways. We've been going through our toughest stage with Diego the past few weeks, but there are also so many joys and funnies with this age that you have to be thankful for the balance!
We miss you and hope to hang out soon!

Jana said...

Andria, I'm glad to know I'm not alone, and you are right, we have to focus on the good/sweet moments to help us through the harder stages. Yes, you are totally right about it being harder because we know that they KNOW they are not obeying--and it's purposeful! Not good!

Susanna Rose said...

Jana...we will be happy in the days when all Micah does is occasionally rip pages out of books!;) NOt to make light of Mara Kate's behavior since I know as a parent any out of character naughtiness is upsetting but it sounds like she definitely could be doing a lot worse! Take heart!!!:)