Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing Around and Funnies

I've been playing around with the blog design a little bit this afternoon. I really like the way The Cutest Blog on the Block website works and I like a lot of their free backgrounds. If your blog needs a little face lift too, check out their site. I think I'm pretty happy with it for now---I just needed something fresh!

Also, Mara Kate has been really cracking us up lately. I just got out her baby book to write these things in it so we don't forget them. I try to write down anything cute or funny that she does so years down the road we can read them back to her and get a good laugh then too. :)

-Last night we were coming home from supper and I reminded Mara Kate that is was Daddy's "turn" to put her to bed that night. Background: We take turns so Kane will get almost an equal amount of time putting her to bed. Otherwise, she would ask for Mommy every night. It's not that I mind putting her to bed, but I do feel like she needs to be ok with either of us in case I am ever gone at bed time or something. Anyway, when I told her it was Daddy's turn she just said loudly and slowly, "Oooooooh, Noooooo!" Poor Kane. :(

-Last week she was sitting on my bed looking at books while I was nearby in my bathroom putting on my makeup and fixing my hair. She put her fingers up and said, "Mommy, there are 2, 3 no 6 LIONS walking around your bed!" I was quite surprised to find that out! Then she said, "But, I am safe because I am up on the bed!" Good thing!

-Today she told me there were giants under the couch. Oh! I didn't even know she knew what giants were. I asked her, "What are giants, Mara Kate?" She said, "They are really big!" Ok, so I guess she does know. Then she said as she pointed under the couch again, "There's a "daddy giant", "a mommy giant" and a "kid giant". Wow!


Katie said...

Ella Ann has a thing with giants as well and I finally figured it out that it came from her Elmo doll that tells her "You're a big giant!" Of course I am the big giant according to her. Lovely. :)


alley said...

I like the new blog layout, Jana. MK is so cute! She is such a big girl!
Love ya!

Dad said...

I've noticed that MK usually prefers Mimi putting her to bed when she's here instead of Grandpa.

crossfield said...

OH, more stories please! These are too cute!