Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today was Mara Kate's first day of "school". We aren't doing or paying for preschool, but we have decided to start working with her at home two or three times a week to make sure she is learning as much as she can even at this young age.

We purchased a preschool level "Superbook" full of ideas and worksheets for 3 and 4 year olds to push her skill and knowledge level. It covers a lot of different school subjects including social and emotional development. She really enjoyed her first day and is very proud of the sheets she did all on her own. I am also very proud of how well she listened and how she did exactly what she was told. She was actually very sad when I told her we were finished for today. I hope her enthusism stays up as we continue. Here are a few pictures of her "doing school".

All ready to learn!

Learning to follow instructions: "color the rocket blue, color the stars yellow, etc."

Matching letters. Put the letters that match on top of the squares on the green paper.

Doing so well! Such a smart girl!

All done for today! So proud!


alley said...

So cute! She looks so happy and proud of herself! I'm glad your first day of "school" went well!
Love you guys!
Love, Alley

Aunt Jane said...

Looks like she will love school. I love it when they are so eager to learn...kiss her for me!

Jordana said...

that's precious!! :-)

just a tip - i would really encourage her to hold her crayon correctly - or at least work at it - will make it a lot easier in the long run! :-)

good job Jana!

Christy said...

Aww, that's so cute Jana! Well done for getting her started! Hope it continues to go well,

Grandpa said...

Mara Kate, Grandpa is so proud of you for doing such a good job in school. You have a good teacher! I love you!!

Susanna Rose said...

Oh my Jana...so cute to see her doing her work so excitedly! I am determined to start doing some sort of pre-school routine with Micah soon as well since we have no plans to actually put him in a formal school setting any time soon! PLEASE continue to share what you do with MK...I will find it very helpful as I decide how to begin with Micah!!:)

P.S. Where are you getting your materials?

Susanna Rose said...

By the way, I know I'm not expert but I really don't think you should stress about how she is/isn't holding her crayons at this point! I think that at her age, it is just so good for them to be learning the concept of coloring and enjoying coloring without the added stress involved of having to learn how to correctly hold the crayon. That'll probably just ruin the fun for her! Save that lesson for later I say!;)

Just my two cents for what it's worth!

Southern Expressions said...

Great job Jana! She looks likes she's having a ball learning--what a success! :)

Jordana said...

the only reason I mentioned the crayon tip is from experience - one son learned at 2 to hold a pencil correctly and has never had a problem with hold any writing utensil the correct way. My oldest son - who is 5 - I didn't teach -and he still struggles with holding his writing/drawing instrument the correct way.
I definitely wouldn't stress over but encouraging correct usage can never hurt and also, if you are going to teach - might as well do that too.

Take it or leave it! :-)