Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's the Little Things

Kane grew up searching for wise men during the month of December. His mom has a nativity set and the wise men were never a part of the scene until Christmas morning. Instead they were constantly moving and journeying around the house on their way to give their gifts to Jesus. So, every day or so his mom would discreetly move the wise men to a new location so the kids (and Dad too) would have to search to find them. It is a very fun tradition that we still enjoy when we are at his parents house around the holidays.

Well, this year we seem to have started a similar tradition, almost by accident. Not exactly the same and with NO spiritual/biblical significance, but purely just for fun!

Well, this little guy has been the source of our little fun game...

This little felt Christmas tree is only about an inch tall is is glued to a tiny clothespin. It was intended to be a wrapping embellishment and came in a pack of several trees just like it. I have used others on gifts, but this one ended up out on the counter one night, so Kane hid it. He put it some place where I'd find it while just going about my day. Once I found it a couple times, I decided to hide it from him. For about a week now we've been going back and forth hiding this little Christmas tree in sometimes the oddest of places and it has been so fun finding it too!

So silly I know, but each time I find it I just smile, knowing that Kane knew I would come across it in my daily tasks. Last night I clipped it on his house shoes and he found it when his feet got cold and he went to get his slippers. I just found it this morning attached to some clothes in my closet. And, I've re-hidden it for him to find tonight when he gets home. Who knows if this will be yearly tradition, but even if it's not, it's been fun to share a little game just with him.

He may find it tonight, or he might find out sooner that I've hidden it on the blog if he reads it today. :)

Can you tell where I've hidden it this time?!


Katie said...

Oh that's fun! I should do something like that!

Kane said...

I suggest you find a new hiding spot! Love you!