Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick Sister Fix

This week was really good in spite of the nasty head cold I'm fighting off. For about the past month I've been trying to find a time to go see my sister in Birmingham and haven't been able to work out the timing until this past week. We finally found a few days that would mostly work for both of us so I grabbed them and headed to Birmingham on Wednesday with Mara Kate. I just needed a "sister fix" and it was great to get one.

Wednesday night Heidi and Jeph normally go to a small group at church, but since I was in town Heidi skipped that and Jeph went with Grant. That left just the girls, so we went to Chilis and to do some shopping at Kohl's. We really needed to take advantage of a 30% coupon that expired that night! We had so much fun having a girls night and we both found some fun stuff while shopping.

Thursday I started feeling bad and could tell I was getting a cold. Ugh. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and let the kids play while we visited. I used one of my free chick-fil-a meal coupons I got at the grand opening awhile ago so it was great to get a completely free lunch while getting in some time with Heidi!

Thursday night a group of women from her church had planned a get together to celebrate all the November birthdays in the group. Heidi's birthday is in November so she wanted to, I just tagged along! All though I didn't know hardly anyone in the group, it was fun meeting the people she hangs out with and matching faces with names, etc. It was fun to have a girls night out again (minus the little girls) and we were thankful to Jeph who kept all 3 kids at home. I was really starting to feel bad that evening so we stopped at the drugstore on the way home so I could get some meds to help me deal with the oncoming cold.

I headed home on Friday afternoon. Even though I really enjoyed my time with Heidi and her family, I was ready to just get home and rest!! Kane was at home when we arrived and he was cooking supper. I didn't even unload my luggage from the car, but came in, hugged him and hit the couch! He has pretty much done everything around here while taking care of Mara Kate including giving her a bath, doing the grocery shopping yesterday, laundry and everything else that needed done. Thanks Kane for taking good care of me while I needed to rest and making sure everything else was handled as well!! I love you!

Here are the only pics I took while at Heidi's...

Here's Mara Kate, Olivia and Grant "driving" somewhere.
(The baseball and football are the steering wheels)

My niece, Olivia
Oh my gosh!!! Could she get any stinkin' cuter??! I don't think so!

Cousins playing on the couch! It was fun watching Olivia getting in on the action.
She is getting to be such a big girl!

We are really looking forward to going back to Birmingham again in less than 2 weeks with Kane to celebrate Thanksgiving and Mara Kate's 3rd birthday. She is having her party at Aunt Heidi's house this year and she is very excited about that! She was telling Heidi where her cake needed to sit and where all her presents would go, etc. while we were there, just to make sure everything was going to work out the way she wants it to in her little mind! :)


Tara said...

I'm glad you had fun...I wish I was closer to you guys so we could all get together for sister weekends more often.
I also wish we could be there for MK's party since we were all together for the last two parties at Aunt Heidi's house! We are really looking forward to seeing you guys in December.

Heidi said...

I read this already....right after you posted it, but what better way to spend my birthday morning than catching up on some overdue blog comments! I had such a fun time with you and MK...thank you for always making our visits a priority and caring enough even to come see me in the calm before the holidays...and then coming right back for Thanksgiving!! I love you and I'm so glad YOU'RE my sister!