Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Fun

On Friday we went to Mara Kate's "best friend's" birthday party. It was a "cooking themed" party and the kids got to decorate/color their very own child sized apron as well as decorate a big bear cookie to take home. They also got to put whatever toppings they wanted on their cupcake at the party. There were lots of kids, lots of icing and lots of fun!

Katie was very brave to bring so many little ones into her home, especially when the activities involved icing and fabric markers! The party went very well though and I think all the kiddos had a BLAST! I know Mara Kate did!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our time at "Ella Ann's Cafe"!

Mara Kate decorating her apron

...and showing off the finished product (so proud!)

Carefully decorating her her sprinkle at a time,
so not to get any bit of icing on her hands.

Mara Kate with the birthday girl!

The girls---pretty in pink!

Most of the kids at the parties--minus all the younger siblings of all these kids.

The birthday girl again, Ella Ann! There were 5 other kids crammed into the closet when this picture was taken. They all had such a good time playing together!


Katie said...

Oh such fun pics! I'm glad you and MK had a good time, we sure loved having you..of course! I think MK and EA look so much alike in a couple of those pics! Can't wait to hang with you girls tomorrow!