Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Helper, As Usual

Mara Kate loves to help me with normal household tasks using her own toddler sized items. She has her own broom and dustpan, she likes to dust my walls with a rag whenever I dust, she pulls clean clothes out of the dryer for me to fold and she always has her apron on when I'm cooking in the kitchen. I actually love this about her! I love that she is content to work right along side me trying her best to do whatever it is that I am doing. Because she is eager like this I can get a lot done and we get to have "girl time" along the way.

She recently acquired her very own iron and ironing board and today she got to use it while I did some ironing of my own. She actually got upset with me when she noticed I was ironing Kane's shirt after she had already ironed it! Smart girl!

It will be nice when she is actually able to help me with these kinds of household chores, but I'm guessing by the time that happens she won't be nearly as interested.


Dad said...

I noticed that she is ironing left handed, just like her mama.

aunt jane said...

that is so sweet...thank you so much for your frequent updates. I love watching your baby grow into a little girl. Love the ironing picture!!!

Heidi said...

Oh! I'm glad Dad said that--I wouldn't have noticed...but you really might have a lefty! :) Anyway, I can't wait to bond with Olivia like that...bonding with boys requires soooo much more energy. ;-)