Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we were in Knoxville for Labor Day weekend. We had a nice, relaxing time and it was good to spend the 3 day weekend with family.

We arrived Saturday morning (after heading out from Atlanta by 6:30am). I slept part of the ride up, but Mara Kate and Kane enjoyed their early morning wide awake. Saturday afternoon I ran some errands and went to a bead store with my sister in law. Saturday evening we all went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that is a favorite of my in-laws. Their food was really good and I plan to return there whenever we can while in Knoxville.

Sunday we went to church, had an easy lunch at my in-laws and then everyone but Kane's mom headed out to the lake! My father-in-law has a boat which I thoroughly enjoy being on and we wanted to give Mara Kate a chance to experience it as well! We took her on the boat one other time when she was less than a year old and she hated it, so we weren't sure how she would do. After a small amount of tears, she calmed down and enjoyed the rest of our cruise. She saw lots of other boats, including a sail boat which she knew exactly what it was from her books. By the time we got off the boat she said it was very fun! So, hopefully she'll remember that she liked it the next time we go out. Sunday evening we just chilled and Kane helped his mother grill chicken for supper, which was quite tasty and Monday morning my mother in law hosted a brunch for the extended family, so it was nice to see everyone all together.
Elizabeth and I did a bit of shopping in the afternoon and then we headed home. I didn't really take a lot of pictures this weekend---too busy relaxing I guess, but I did get some of our time out on the boat, so here they are.

Our little family

Mara Kate sporting her life jacket, sitting with Uncle Choonghwan

Elizabeth and I, soaking up some sun!

My Sweetie and Me :)


Mom said...

Looks like you had a grand time!

Dad said...

I'm glad you had the chance to "see the summer out" with such a fun and relaxing week-end.