Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free Time

This past weekend Kane's mom was here for a visit. She came down with her sister, Kane's Aunt Carol. They spent some of their time with us and spent some time doing Atlanta stuff on their own. Kane's mom asked me while she was here when she could keep Mara Kate in Knoxville on her own. We decided that this week would actually be a good time for her to go, so we packed her bags and sent her on her way yesterday afternoon.

She called me when she had arrived and I had only gotten home a few minutes before. After she left I hit the ground running and ran lots of errands. You can do things much faster without a toddler, stroller and the buckling and unbuckling of a car seat. I had a blast browsing some of my favorite stores and even stopped at the garden nursery to pick up some plants for my container gardens.

Last night Kane and I went to the movies, which is a treat and we are planning to have another mini date tonight and go out for dessert. We don't know how to act being able to stay out as late as we want without having to worry about a tired toddler.

Today has also been full of errands and browsing as well at more stores (including the new H & M in Atlantic Station).

Although I am missing Mara Kate, I know she is having a good time and I have tried to make the most of the free time I have over the next couple days.

My "big girl" all packed and ready to go to!

At lunch with Tuie and Aunt Carol before they headed back home with Mara Kate.

My container gardens, that I planted this morning all by my lonesome!


Dad said...

I am glad you and Kane are getting to enjoy a few "empty nester" days. Sounds like you are making the most of the time, even though you miss a certain little sweetie around the house.