Friday, June 20, 2008

The Joy of Friends

My friend Katie and her daughter Ella Ann came over this morning for a little visit. I told Mara Kate they were coming and Mara Kate said, "Ella Ann? My friend, Ella Ann?" I assured her that it was indeed her friend Ella Ann who was coming. :)

These two little girls absolutely love each other. I know I have posted pictures of them together before, but it is always such a blessing and joy to watch them play together. I know without a doubt that God planned our friendships before either of us even knew we would end up in Atlanta. He already knew our baby girls would be best friends at this stage in their lives and that their Mama's would love each other a whole lot too! :) Our time in Atlanta has truly been enriched because of our friendship with the Jensen family!

The girls this morning ran back to Mara Kate's room and came out with dress shoes on from Mara Kate's shoe drawer. They play hard when they are together, always with lots of toys. They giggle and laugh and when it's time to go home, they hug each other oh, so tight. It truly is such a joy to have good friends and for them I am so thankful to God!

These pictures were actually taken several weeks ago when we were at the Jensen's house for supper one evening. Just had to post the lastest pictures I have of these two cute girls!