Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Good Weekend

Considering our normal routines started on Thursday this week due to Kane's travels and my company here from out of town---our weekend was here before we knew it! I like weeks like that and weekends like this one has been.

Friday night Kane and I relaxed and enjoyed our evening together over these his and her margaritas:

The hers was pomegranate flavor--very yummy and refreshing!

Saturday morning we went to a wedding. Our pastor's daughter got married and her wedding was just beautiful. Mara Kate was excited to be there because she knew there would be CAKE! I apparently forgot our camera, so no pictures from me. If you want to see a pic of the happy couple check out my friend, Christy's blog. She was the matron of honor!

Saturday afternoon Mara Kate got to "paint" for the first time on her easel. We've had these paints since Christmas, but decided to bust them open this weekend. She had so much fun!

Our Pretty Picasso!

This afternoon we ventured out to our apartment's pool. They had a pool party yesterday to celebrate opening day for the season, but we decided to wait until today to go because of the massive crowd at the pool yesterday. Mara Kate was thrilled to put her swimming suit on. She's been asking about going to the pool since Christmas!

Our little fish!
She did have a blast and didn't want to come in when we were finished.


alley said...

What a fun weekend! Love ya'll!

Grandpa said...

WOW! Cake, painting and swimming all in one week-end. What fun!

Katie said...

We need to get the girls together and go swimming! Ella Ann is a fish in the water too!