Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Weekend Away

This past weekend we were in Nashville. We went to visit Kane's sister Elizabeth (a.k.a BeBe to Mara Kate) and her husband Choonghwan. We had a great time getting out and do some fun things, but we also enjoyed some needed relaxation. I was especially thankful for the 2+ hour nap I was able to take Saturday afternoon (I have had a cold and just needed some extra rest) while Mara Kate was happily entertained by her aunt and uncle.

On Saturday we met up with Kane's college roommate Josh and his wife Heather for lunch. We eventually ended up at a restaurant called Raz'z after trying 3 other places that were closed due to an entire area of Nashville being without power. We also went to the Pancake Pantry, which is an old Nashville tradition for brunch on Sunday. The food there is amazing and definitely worth the wait in line.

Because I took a lot of pictures this weekend I won't upload them all to the blog, but click here to view them.

Thanks to Eliz and Choonghwan for hosting us, for all the yummy food and for a great time!