Sunday, March 09, 2008

Like Old Times

The past five days have been like old times. My dear friend Jordana came down from Tennessee for a visit and we really enjoyed spending time together. She brought her youngest (of 3) Jude and Mara Kate really enjoyed having him around. She was very excited about him being here and tried several times to “mother” him whenever she thought he needed it. She would tell him while he was in the shopping cart excitedly kicking his feet, “Jude, no kicking. No!” ha! It was fun seeing our kids spend time together since Jordana and I have been friends since we were 14—pre-marriage and pre-motherhood!

I took Jordana around Atlanta a little bit and she even introduced me to some places I had never been. We went to Trader Joe's and we also stopped in at Whole Foods, which she loves but can’t go to often since there isn’t one where she lives. We also managed to make it to IKEA too, (surprise, surprise).

On Friday my sister Heidi and her youngest, Olivia came in from Birmingham for one night so Heidi could see Jordana too. We had a girls’ night out on Friday and went to supper at Pappasitos and hung out a bit at Atlantic Station. This evening was so fun and we laughed more and harder than we had in a long time! We also went to a consignment sale yesterday morning to stock up on some more clothes for our kids for the coming season.

After staying up late talking several nights this week we ended the visit on a relaxing note and stayed in last night and ordered pizza from Fellini’s and rented the movie Michael Clayton. Overall it was a great few days and I’m so thankful we were able to hang out and relax together too.

The guys hanging out! Kane with Jude.
Kane and I both enjoyed holding him a lot, as he is such a cuddle bug!

My beautiful niece! Don't you just LOVE that bow?!

Girls night out at Pappasitos

More girls!

There was a live Mexican band playing at the restaurant and they came
to our table to serenade the babies...they sang Old McDonald.
It was great! As you can see, Olivia was enthralled!

Back at home enjoying conversation over icecream!

Girly cousins

Pizza and movie night

Clean kiddos


Christy said...

So glad you had fun Jana! Much needed I'm sure...maybe we can do lunch soon!

Christy said...

P.S. The blog looks beautiful!

Katie said...

I'm so jealous of your girls weekend!! :) You all had such a good time!! Yeay, you went to TJ's!! Let's get together this week!


Heidi said...

I had a great time too! So glad we were able to make it and have some girl time--just me and my little girl on our first road trip (probably first of many!) :) Thanks for making us laugh so hard with your vacuum story! :) :)