Thursday, January 03, 2008

Finally Home

After a 10 day trip to see family, friends, celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve we are finally back home! We aren't completely settled back in yet as we sort of hit the ground running and are both already back at work. This weekend has been reserved to de-Christmas-ize our home and get our tree and all other decorations safely packed away for another year.

Georgia welcomed us home with much colder weather than we left and it REALLY feels like winter now---even here. The coat Kane gave me is really coming in handy and I got it just in time.

Click here to see the pictures from our travels to Knoxville, TN and Bristol, VA!


Deb said...


I am looking for Katie Elizabeth Barker who works for Wyndham Resorts who was very sweet to me and I would like to book a trip with her to the Smoky Mountains.

Thank you,