Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Ready

I have my lists going and have been busy thinking through everything that will be happening between now and this weekend. This Saturday we are having Mara Kate's 2nd Birthday party! She won't actually be two until the 27th, but that is too close to Thanksgiving to host a party, especially since all of our family will be driving in from out of town.

Her party is going to be an "Elmo" party! We have been talking to her about having an Elmo cake and I think she will be so excited when she actually SEES the cake, decorations and her presents. I know I am excited anticipating what a special day it will be. Her first birthday was so sweet and we have such good memories, but this year, she will be much more aware of what is going on and who is around her.

Making icing was on my list for today. I will re-whip and color it the day that I bake the cake and ice it then, but at least the measuring and mess of powdered sugar is behind us.

Mara Kate is always a really big helper in the kitchen and really enjoyed watching the mixer whip everything together. She would sit as far away from the mixer as possible because she didn't like the noise, then she would lean over as far as she could and peer into the bowl to watch everything spinning round and round. She also loved "licking" the whisk as well! Ahh--the joys of childhood. :)

My big helper

Trying to make sure she gets every morsel.


Rick said...

Oh wow, she's so big! her hair is so long! are you feeding her miracle grow? =)

JawaPro said...

Hey guys - hope the party went well!