Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Time in Knoxville

This past weekend we went to Knoxville to visit Kane's extended family. It has been awhile since we've made a visit to Knoxville, so it was nice to see everyone. Other than the fact that we had to drive 3+ hours each way, it was a relaxing time! Kane got to spend some good quality time with his dad and brother in law and even got to eat at his favorite local Chinese restaurant (a treat for him). We saw both of his grandfathers and some of his other family as well. Elizabeth and Choonghwan also drove in for the weekend to see us (i.e. Mara Kate). :o)

Saturday morning Tuie and I went to a local consignment sale and got a few fun toys (including Mara Kate her very own Elmo stuffed animal---which was the biggest hit of all) and a couple more things for Mara Kate to wear this Fall and Winter. I enjoyed a (much needed) nap on Saturday afternoon and then Kane and I went out to dinner Saturday night for a "date night" which is a treat for us. Of course Mara Kate was well taken care of by her Tuie, Papa Dog, Aunt BeBe and Uncle Choonghwan while we were away.

And, as are some pictures of our time in Knoxville!

Mara Kate, Kane and Opa

Mara Kate sitting on the window sill in the dining room.
She thinks the sill is there just so she can have her very own seat!

Mara Kate rounding the corner at FULL SPEED!
She loved playing chase and peek a boo with BeBe.

BeBe and Mara Kate

Fun times with Papa Dog!

Having a BLAST playing on the bed with BeBe!

Tuie with Mara the garden.
Mara Kate enjoyed smelling (spitting on) the flowers in Tuie's garden.
She also enjoyed helping Tuie water the flowers and looking at the fountain.

Looking at one of Tuie's flowers.

Smelling the flowers!