Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hard Workin' Man

So far this semester of graduate school already beats all the ones previous as being the most challenging and most despised by Kane and me. There have definitely been other ups and downs and pros and cons to our grad school experience and although I do support Kane's work as a whole, the cards we were dealt for these 3 months are just plain crappy.

I have started working at our church's office 3 afternoons a week (with Mara Kate in tow) and that is going well except for the fact that I basically have to fit everything else I need to do in life in the other 2 weekdays--errands, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, mothering, wifing and building/investing in relationships, etc. Even though I feel pretty stretched by the time the weekend arrives, what I am doing doesn't even hold a candle to the amount of hours worked, energy spent and brain power exerted to what Kane is doing each week this semester.

My sweetie is definitely a hard working man these days and I do admire him greatly for all he is doing (and with a good attitude too). He is working 5 days a week on his usual research, working 2 evenings a week as a night supervisor in an undergraduate lab, and he is tutoring 3 high schoolers on a weekly basis (Monday nights and Sunday afternoons). He also continues to get up early in the mornings to spend time with Mara Kate. That has been their special time where they eat breakfast, play and read books together before Kane heads out. He usually takes this time to make my morning coffee so when I wake up its ready to drink!

All that to say---he is busier than usual and I am busier than usual and we barely see each other. We enjoy Tuesday nights together which is usually the calm before the storm. I work Wed.-Fri. and he works nights on Wed. and Thur. nights. When we say goodnight on Tuesday evenings we jokingly say, "I'll see you Friday."
In the midst of this craziness though, we have made it a goal to spend at least 1 hour together (even if it is sitting in a booth at a fast-food place near campus) between work and night lab--that helps, but it's really not enough to maintain good communication.

Thankfully this set up is temporary and we can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel. My time filling in at the church office should end near the end of January and his nighttime hours will be over when Tech lets out for Christmas break. So, what's that?! Only 15 or so weeks to go?

All I can say is, God, give us both the strength!

These pictures were taken after putting in a full days work doing research, plus working 4 hours in the night lab. I snapped these as I was heading to bed at about 11pm.
I don't think Kane made it to bed for several more hours!

I love you, sweetie! Thanks for working so hard.
You are appreciated!


Robert Kingston said...

It sucks when life's that busy. You have my commiserations - and my prayers.

Last year I was studying at uni, and ended up doing about 80% of the workload for my team of 4 in our final project - as well as putting in hours upon hours for my Animation Assignment. So I can sort of understand how it feels.

After the workloads at uni, the one thing I was really hoping for was to get a job where I could go home after knock-off and not have to worry about work again until the following day. And thankfully, I managed it.

I can go home, relax - and the evening is all mine.

I dont think I ever want to study again. I'm well and truely over it now.

So I'll be praying for strength for you guys to make it through without going insane.


Dad said...

Wow! I'm so proud of both of you for doing what needs to be done as it needs to be done. I'm also thankful that you both have the maturity to realize that these tough times will come to an end and won't last forever. All I can say is, keep on keeping on, keep on making time for each other as you are able, and I will definitely be praying for you both as you balance time and energy, both mentally and physically. Love you!