Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Excited!

A picture of the place we'll be staying

I feel like a little kid, excited about Christmas morning! Kane and I head out tomorrow morning for a 3 day weekend away---just the two of us. My mother in law is headed to our house this evening and will be staying here with Mara Kate all weekend long. We'll leave her the car seat so she can get out if she needs to and I have stocked up on all the foods Mara Kate usually eats. I'm sure they will have a blast together and I am sure we will too. This trip is to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (which was back in July) and I have been looking forward to it all summer long. With Mara Kate we really couldn't get away for our anniversary or any occasion last year, but now she is used to her routine and I think she will really be just fine with her Tuie. She probably won't even miss Mommy and Daddy!

Kane and I have reservations tomorrow evening at one of the restaurants at the "resort" we will be staying at. The place also has a man made beach around a large lake as well as bike/walking trails for strolling of biking. Our "romance" package includes bike rentals for two and I believe we will also have chocolate covered strawberries in our room. OK, so I am READY to be pampered! :) I plan on sleeping in, being lazy and just relaxing with my sweetie.

I'm also ready for some FUN! We will also be squeezing in some time at Six Flags over Georgia as well. Going there is something we have wanted to do since we moved here. We were going to go the summer I ended up being pregnant, so we had to postpone. Then we waited a bit longer because I was breastfeeding and wasn't ready to leave Mara Kate all day. Now is the perfect time and thanks to my husband's smart planning we were able to get one of our tickets completely free through

So, in less than 24 hours we'll be off!! Hope everyone else has a great weekend as well!

One of the roller coasters we'll be riding this weekend...

The Goliath


Dad said...

I hope you both have a restful, relaxing and fun week-end.

Susanna Rose said...

Jana...sounds awesome! I hope you guys have a great weekend and just a tip...wear very comfortable shoes to six flags (as the lines can be very long;) I've found out the hard way!

Also, a late happy 3rd anniversary!:)

Andria said...

How exciting that YOUR weekend is finally here! Have a wonderful time you two!!!!!