Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Really Nice Day (Thanks Babe!)

Today has been a really nice, relaxing day (for me). Kane got up and took complete care of Mara Kate this morning and let me sleep in until 9am. We all got ready and and went to church. Last night I went to Katie and Spencer's place to watch Ella Ann and I took a smocked dress I started awhile back. I did the smocking and then passed it off to my mother in law to do the sewing part. She passed it back to me this past weekend so I could finish the hem. I did that while watching TV after Ella Ann went to sleep. Since it was finished and I let Mara Kate wear it to church this morning...she looked so sweet in it. She will also be wearing it to Patrick and Laren's upcoming wedding, which we are excited is coming up in just a few short weeks.

Church was good this morning and Mara Kate stayed with us in the service until after all the music. We have started taking her to the nursery after the music, which shortens the time she has to play (and be away from Mommy and Daddy) and also lets her experience a bit of the worship service and sing songs about Jesus, which she really enjoys! :)

After church we went to this new Mexican place that has recently opened up near our grocery store. It was yummy and nice to not have to worry about cooking, since I played babysitter last night and hadn't thought about Sunday lunch at all.

After lunch Mara Kate went down for a nap in HER room while I read for a bit in OUR room (so, so nice) and then dozed off for a good 2 hour nap. I must have needed to catch up on some sleep lately, because I have been tired in the afternoons for several days lately (no-I'm not pregnant, just tired).

Anyway, Kane has been so sweet to me this weekend. He took care of Mara Kate yesterday afternoon while I ran out for a couple hours and then again today while I slept in and napped. Thank you, thank you, Babe! I feel loved, spoiled and blessed!

Here are some pictures of the latest smocking project--Thanks Tuie for your help on this one.

I love the sweet "angel" sleeves on this one...very summery and feminine!

Not too happy about having her picture taken.


Happiest! :)


Amanda mercer said...

hats off to ya...that is a beautiful dress!!!

maryanne helms said...

Gorgeous work, Jana! I need to learn:)