Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring has Sprung

I got inspired today to revamp my container gardens. I am so happy to report that some of my trailing plants made it safely through the winter and are doing very well once again this year. So, that means I didn't have to repurchase every plant in my container---but rather only the annuals that I wanted to freshen up anyway.

Here are a few pictures. I have 2 container gardens and they are not exactly alike, but do have a few similarities. I am SO excited about this this year and think they will look great throughout the Spring and Summer!

I LOVE this variety of Petunia---the stripe I think makes it look sort of "vintage". Very unique!

Geranium--I had a couple of these last year and really liked the way they looked in bloom.

This one I chose to add a very pale pink Gerber Daisy. Gerber Daisy are special to me because that is the first flower Kane ever gave me---on our first date. :)

The lone daisy in bloom right now!