Monday, April 02, 2007

Helping Hands

I bought a new "organizational" piece for our home today from IKEA. It is actually just a little shelf to go in Kane's closet to keep his shoes organized. Something of the sort has been a need for quite awhile. When Kane got home from work today he started assembling it and Mara Kate got right in the middle of the action. Of course I snapped a couple pictures of the moment as it was so cute watching Mara Kate try to stick "her" screw driver in every hole immediately after Kane finished screwing in that spot. Who says little girls can't help out their daddy's with stuff like this? I always did, right Dad?!

...and the finished product!


Dad said...

Actually, little girls are usually quite good at helping out their daddies with stuff like this.

Betsy said...

she's such a cutie!

Carrie said...

I like your pictures, and your shelf! Can't wait to go to a big city and check out an IKEA myself! Hope you guys have a happy easter!

Anonymous said...

ah! so cute!

and...why is there mr. pibb in your closet?