Friday, July 14, 2006

Pool Time, Play Time

Yesterday Mara Kate and I went to visit our friends--Katie and Ella Ann. We spent some time in the pool splashing around and then some time inside playing. It was a good time for the girls and a good time for the mommys to catch up as well! We plan on doing it again sometime soon!

Ella Ann

Mara Kate and Ella Ann


Katie said...

I love the pics! They turned out better than mine. The girls were so cute in their swimsuits and hats! I'm so glad you and Mara Kate came over! I hope we are able to do it again very soon!

heidi said...

Hey--Im commenting here for all your recent posts! Things have been so busy around here, I hadn't had a chance to catch up! ALL the pics are great. We're so glad you got to come and we can't wait to be closer to you--soon hopefully!
Love y'all!

Susanna Rose said...

I've been gone for so long from blogging and missed tons of cute pics of Mara Kate! She is definitely not scared to smile for the cute! You guys look like you've been soaking up a lot of rays this summer...makes me want to go to the beach or something!:)