Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recent Bristol Visit

Last weekend Kane, Mara Kate and I made a quick visit to Bristol. I had some things still stored at my parents house that I needed to weed through and get rid of what wasn't needed. My dad was also recovering from hip replacement surgery and we thought a visit from his youngest granddaughter might do him some good. It was a wonderful trip and we had some good laughs and made some fun memories. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

The 2 bookends Alley and Mara Kate--oldest and youngest grandchildren

Dresden with her Mommy--one of her favorite places to be

Mom & Dad with Mara Kate

Mara Kate with her Daddy--looking for like him everyday

The Burton 5 (in our Hershey T-Shirts, compliments of Heidi)

Grant---he has been bald his entire life---until NOW!

Mimi & Grandpa with all 5 grandchildren
(Alley, Liam, Dresden, Grant and Mara Kate)


Susanna Rose said...

Such a cute family! You guys all look like you were enjoying each others company to the fullest!