Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Last week I had a cold, which I passed along to my daughter, who has now passed it along to her Daddy. Because of this cold, last week life wasn't much fun in the Barker household.

I didn't have much energy and therefore wasn't able to be the wonderful mother I hope that I usually am and at the same time Mara Kate was really needing a wonderful mother because she wasn't feeling so well herself. She wasn't sleeping at night (waking up every 1-2 hours for 5 nights in a row) so needless to say---I was a zombie for an entire week. After talking to my mother in law and her talking to my father in law she called and offered some assistance.

The plan was made and my father in law, lovingly referred to as Papa Dog, drove to Atlanta. He arrived at 10pm Wed. evening and left Friday mid-morning. Mara Kate started her nightly waking routine and so by 6am the first morning he was here I was beat. I fed my little girl and passed her off to her Papa Dog and went right back to bed. Mara Kate and Papa Dog walked Kane to his office and took their time coming back home. Mara Kate napped some during their stroll. I was able to get some badly needed rest while my dear, sweet, Father in law offered his helping hands with Mara Kate in any and every way he could over the span of 2 days. I was able to make a mad dash to the grocery store and to get a couple naps in while he was here. He stayed 2 nights---and just helped us survive.

Thankfully Mara Kate is feeling better and sleeping better and so am I (and hopefully Kane is on the mend).

Thank you Papa Dog for all of your help. You really helped a rough week become bearable. We all love you very much! (And Tuie too, of course for sharing you with us)! We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


Grandpa said...

Grandfathers, at least in my experience, usually don't mind getting in a little extra "bonding" time whenever possible.

Betsy said...

that is so sweet!