Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mara Kate on Tour

Mara Kate and I just returned from an 11 day trip to visit all of my extended family. It was quite a journey and Mara Kate met at least 25 new people along the way. We flew from Atlanta to Kansas City where my Grandma Harrison picked us up at the airport. We spent the afternoon with her going to lunch and other various places. We also spent time throughout the week with my Grandpa & Grandma Burton as well as aunts, uncles and cousins along the way.

For those of you who are familiar with Kansas City or my family here are a few highlights you might appreciate:

*SMOKESTACK BBQ (top of the list)

*Crown Center and Fritz's Railroad Cafe

*Sunday lunch at Grandma Harrison's

*The Plaza (was kidnapped by Aunt Janie, Uncle Roger and Kent for a trip down to the plaza---we ate at a place I had never been before, "George Brett's")

*Grandma Burton's 5 can casserole and cottage cheese (memories of my childhood)

We were in Kansas City for 6 days and after eating some GOOD Kansas City BBQ and visiting with many family members we took a rode trip with my Grandma Harrison to Arkansas. We met up with my Uncle Ross & Aunt Jane right at the Missouri/Arkansas state line and then went on to Jonesboro, Arkansas to spend a few days visiting with Aunt Jane, Uncle Ross, Lisa (briefly) and Anna Beth. It was a good trip---but tiring. By about the 7th day Mara Kate has pretty much reached her limit and was ready to get back home. I think Kane had just about reached his limit as well. He really missed up while we were gone---but I am so thankful I was able to go and introduce our little girl basically all of my extended family members. After 4 days in Arkansas and some fun times as well as learning a new skill (will post more on that soon) we headed for Memphis, TN where we caught a flight back to Atlanta. Thankfully I had the entire plane row to myself so Mara Kate was able to lay on a blanket next to me and play and stretch out during the flight--which was a great unexpected blessing. I also tried the new Back Cherry Vanilla Coke on that flight, which is really good if you have never tried it!

Here are a few pictures.

Mara Kate with her "friends" playing on Grandma's couch

Grandpa Burton rocking Mara Kate--he actually rocked himself to sleep while Mara Kate was still very much awake :o)

Mara Kate with Grandma Burton

Me and Mara Kate with Grandma Harrison---right before leaving for our roadtrip to Arkansas

Mara Kate being "serious"

Mara Kate modeling the smocked dress Aunt Jane made for her

Anna Beth (a.k.a. Baby AB) & Mara Kate

Mara Kate on Aunt Jane's lap---practicing for take off for our flight home :o)

AB and MK snoozing away..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mara Kate talking to one of her best buds-- her zebra


heidi said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great time. It looks like Mara Kate made a great debut with all the family! I know you're really glad you made the trip, but if I know you---you're very glad you're back to your own bed now :)

Dad said...

We will have to take a lot more "trip" pictures when you get here! Looking forward to seeing you all.

Rick said...

The "serious" look is great!! I haven't seen a look that scary/intense since... well since Mara Kate's daddy gave me that look after pressing the nuclear meltdown too many times (had to be there)

Kane said...

Well, it is definitely good to have my family back. I'm glad Jana and Mara Kate had such a wonderful trip and that they were surrounded my so much family. I hope to be a part of the next trip.

And Rick, you're getting that serious look right now.

Aunt Jane said...

We had so much fun when you were here! I did not want you to leave. Mara Kate is precious and of course, she loved her Aunt Jane (when she was not hungry!) We spent lots of time together and gave Mom some much needed rest time. It worked well for all of us! Of course I had to share her with U. Ross, Lisa and Anna Beth. Come again soon, YFAJane