Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I am typing this post while I am away from home. I am sitting at my mom and dad's computer while Mara Kate is in the other room watching a Baby Einstien DVD with her cousin, Grant. Her other cousins Alley, Liam and Dresden are playing all around her.

Mara Kate and I have parked all of our "stuff" at my sister's house where we have slept each night we have been away from home. We have been doing a lot of running around here and there visiting people and running errands. I am thankful that Mara Kate has been very good and flexible as she has napped on several different couches and beds over the past few days and been held and cuddled by many different loving arms.

Tonight we are at my parent's house eating pizza and just relaxing. This will be my last evening in Bristol after several days visiting with friends and family. Tomorrow we will be in the car once again traveling south to Knoxville. Mara Kate and I will spend 1 night with Kane's parents so they can get in some good grandparent/granddaughter time and then we will head south once again on Friday to meet up with Kane halfway between Atlanta and Knoxville. I hope all of this traveling will get Mara Kate acclimated to being moved about here and there before our big trip to Kansas City next month. So far she has been a good little traveler and I am already looking forward to the many more trips to come and memories to be made with family and friends.

Kane, I am looking forward to our next trip away--to the cabin---because YOU will be with us on that one! :) I miss you!


Dad said...

Jana, it has really been good to have you here if only for a few days. Mara Kate has grown and changed even from her baptism. I've gotten a lot of really good smiles!! Love you so much.

Kane said...

I'm glad you all are having a good time, and that this trip was able to be worked out. I miss you both, but I know the trip was very worthwhile. I wish I could have been a part of it.

buzz said...

I just bumped into blog from a search for a friend in Bristol.

Nice job! I like the warm and the pictures are precious. Blessings!