Monday, January 09, 2006

Ponderings on Pregnancy and the Miracle of Life

I recently heard some good news---from some friends of ours here in Atlanta. Their news was that they are expecting! How exciting.

Upon hearing their news, it made me think back on the beginning days of my pregnancy and all that accompanied them. In one way those days seem SO long ago and in another way it amazes me that I already have a 6 week old little girl in my arms, when it seems like yesterday that we found out we were expecting.

When I was pregnant the time seemed to tick by so slowly and the reality of what was to come wasn't really that real at all, until I actually held Mara Kate in my arms for the first time. I knew all along (in my head) that there was a real live baby growing inside me, but I didn't fully grasp all that meant until she was here. When I was pregnant I felt like that last person in the world who would ever have a baby (maybe that is because both of my sisters already had babies, my 2 best friends already had babies and several people in our church who were expecting were all due BEFORE me!). I felt like my due date would never arrive.

Now, as I am typing, I am holding my precious little girl in my arms. She is sleeping soundly and I can hear her breathing--what a precious noise that is.

So, now that I have a friend who is at the beginning of her pregnancy, I am reminded of all that is to come for her. All the little exciting things--the first sonogram when you see your baby the size of a grain of rice and see it's poppyseed sized heart beating away, the first kick that you think is gas or something and then you realize that it is actually a little arm, elbow, knee or foot pushing out on you (a feeling unlike any other), hearing the heartbeat at your doctor's appointments---a wonderful noise as well. :)

I am very thankful that my due date did eventually arrive (and when it did I already had a 1 week old, as Mara Kate came exactly 1 week early--thankfully) and I am also very thankful that others are already experiencing what Kane and I did as we prepared and waited for our little bundle of joy to arrive---how special those days are, cherish them my friend!

In a way our friend's news seems more REAL to me than my own did...maybe it's because I really know what is ahead for her and I know the joy she will feel when she does hold her baby in her arms for the first time.

Thank you Father, for the miracle of life and the way You work to create and grow Your covenant children within their mothers' wombs. Thank you for Your love and the good gifts that You give us from above.


Dad said...


It's always good to be able to look back on a major life experience and see it with hindsight. The other day, I was getting ready to go into the doctor's office, and as I was getting ready to get out of my car,a young couple was getting into the car next to mine. They didn't leave immediately, and as I got out, I could see that they were looking at and pointing at sonogram pictures. I thought to myself how it all starts over brand new time and time again. Nest time you become pregnant, you will have a new perspective from this time, but the wonder of it all never diminishes!!! I love you and you are being such a good mom!

Susanna Rose said...


If I am the friend you are talking about, I am VERY honored that you are thinking about us and this post encouraged me cause after finding out I am only six weeks along yesterday, I must say I was a bit disapointed, thinking, "this is going to take forever!!!" I realize though how seemingly quickly your pregnancy went so I have confindence that mine will fly by to! I'm so glad that we have you and Kane to look to for advice and guidance as we wait and, as your dad said, you really are an amazing mom already! Love you guys!