Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mall Outing

Today was Mara Kate's first trip to the mall (and she basically slept through most of it). My friend Katie and I met at one of the many Atlanta malls this afternoon just to visit and browse. Katie has a little baby girl too, who was born 11 days before Mara Kate. Her baby, Ella Ann weighed in at the exact same birth weight as Mara Kate (6lb. 14oz.) and was the exact same length as well (19 1/2 in.) So, they are bound to be best friends, right?

We both (well, really all 4 of us) enjoyed getting out together. We practiced "driving" our strollers around which we are both still getting used to (yes, we did bang into several things during our outing, but I think we are starting to get the hang of it). It really was so much fun and both our little girls were angels and behaved perfectly the entire time.

I have really enjoyed getting to know Katie as we are literally experiencing all of this new motherhood/parenting stuff at the exact same time (although, I am thankful she has an 11 day headstart so she can warn me and excite me about what is just around the corner for Mara Kate and me).

God really is SO good to provide the things we need in life right when we need them. This new friendship is just what I needed as I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and I look forward to the many memories we will make together with our girls over the next several years. Since we are both in Atlanta because our husbands are furthering their education, we know that where we are right now will most likely be somewhat "temporary". Because of that it is so special to know that God put us both here at the same time and place---to help make each others lives more enjoyable and full! Praise God!

And, I am sure many more trips to the mall will be included in our times together. I mean, come on, we have GIRLS here---where else would we want to go?! :)

Ella Ann (L) and Mara Kate (R)


Betsy said...

HOW FUN!!! :)

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

Sounds like fun! Looking forward to come for a visit sometime soon!

Jordana said...

i'm so happy for u!!! :-) mara kate has grown so much since christmas!! hope u 3 aredoing great!

Mom said...

Mara Kate looks like she is enjoying her first outing to the mall. I am not surprised since she is a girl! She looks quite comfortable in her stroller with her new little friend. How fun!
Love, Mom