Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Growing Up Already

Kane changed Mara Kate's diaper earlier today and realized that she was missing the stump of her umbilical cord. Weird. She is only 10 days old and already things are changing about our little girl.

I wanted to see the remainder of the cord that fell off, but Kane couldn't find it at first. It must have come off while she was sleeping soundly in her bouncy seat. It ended up being caught in the back of her little outfit.

Less than two weeks old and she is already growing up! :)


Dad said...

It is interesting to watch as my own little girl continues to grow. A lot has happened to change you in the last two weeks. Love you!

Jordana said...

wow...the milestones are getting on a role now! enjoy each and every one! it's such an exciting time!!
glad things are going well!!

Aunt Tara said...

Beware! That is only the first of about a zillion times you will think that thought in the next few years! She will be SEVEN before you know it!