Friday, November 11, 2005


Yesterday when Kane got home from school I had to show him my latest organizing/cleaning project....which took place under the kitchen sink!
Yes, I think the nesting instinct has kicked into high gear. Although I am a neat freak by nature, even I have noticed an influx to the extent of how clean and organized everything must be right now.

Last week I cleaned out and organized my entire pantry and linen closet---oh, it looks so much better now. Several weeks ago I took everything out of the fridge, sprayed and wiped every square inch with Lemon Fresh, Antibacterial 409 Kitchen Cleaner--ahh fresh! I have also organized the cabinet below our stereo that holds pictures & cds, Iv'e gone through my hopechest and closet (several times), wrapped all my Christmas presents and am very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby cradle which is being delivered this weekend by my in-laws. I am looking forward to getting the sheets put on it that I washed in wonderfully sweet smelling All Baby laundry detergent. Yeah!

Now, I realize that most of the areas I have cleaned and re-cleaned the baby will not even care about or notice----but it doesn't matter. It is amazing how intense the feeling is to have everything "just right" when we bring that little bundle of love home from the hospital.
Today I am cleaning my bathroom...and tomrrow?... who knows?

What does Kane have to say about all of this? "...can you just stay pregnant just a little bit longer?"

Yeah Right!


Dad said...

Keep up the good work. Getting excited to that little guy (girl?)

Susanna Rose said...

Jana, you keep working and I'll take some time out to enjoy some EXTRA down time FOR you this weekend, okay?!!(;

P.S. That lemon fresh cleaner sounds great...I'll have to get some!

Betsy said...


according to my emergency medical dispatch training, the nesting instinct can be a sign of labor!

wow, the time is coming soon! :)