Thursday, November 10, 2005


Earlier this year I discovered the nifty little gadget that is the Apple iPod.

I knew I wanted one, but I also knew that they are a little pricey and that we really couldn't afford one. Kane being the sweet husband that he is, got online and found a way for us to "earn" an iPod online. I am sure there are plenty of websites out there that are complete scams, but he was careful to do his research and came across a website that seemed to be legitimate and on the up and up (backed by CNN).

After almost 3 months of working, waiting, waiting & working, with the help of some sweet friends and family and after much (attempted) patience---we finally received our brand new 30GB iPod in the mail yesterday.

Another reason I wanted an iPod was so we could listen to our music in the car. We don't have a cd player in the car, but this is way better than a cd player because now we don't even have to carry our cds with us. Once they are uploaded to the iPod---every song we own is at our fingertips! How cool is that?!

So, I am just a little thrilled and excited about it! Can you tell?!

Many, many thanks to those of you who helped us meet the requirements to get our FREE iPod!

Happy Listening!


The Heroic Husband said...


I'm very glad that this all worked out and that we were both patient enough to stick with the process.

If anyone is interested in learning more, let us know.

Susanna Rose said...

Very exciting Jana! I didn't know you guys were doing this until today and then I found out that my sweet, heroic husband is doing the same for me!(= Very awesome!!! Have fun and dance along the street while listening, just like in the ipod adds!!!!(;

Becca said...

My wonderful, sweet husband gave me one on our honeymoon. While lacking the "free" aspect, receiving it did come with a fun, little scavenger hunt. :) Then my brother and sister-in-law conveniently gave me an iTunes gift certificate for my birthday last week. :) I hope you enjoy it! I know we're enjoying mine--it was quite a treat while I vacuumed this week. hehe

shari3boys said...

Hey guys!!!
THis is Jephs sister...shari did u know i read your blogs? I love that outfit you made for the baby by the way it was awsome!!!! anyway i have never left a comment but this free ipod thing has me wanting to know more? So please do tell can we all get our free ipod? u can email me if ud rather at

By the way congrats on your pregnancy..... it s very exciting isnt it?