Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Good Kind of Pride

Today has not been a normal day. It has been a good day for sure, but not the usual Thursday. For the past 3 weeks Kane has been preparing for a big presentation he was scheduled to give at school. As a grad student he is required to do a "2nd Year Seminar Presentation" as one of the steps towards his graduate degree. The presentation was today. For the past 2 Saturdays I have had to share my husband with the computer for the majority of the day. Also, several evenings this week his time has been devoted to preparing---and not spending leisurely time with his wife. Thankfully this is not the norm for us at least at this point in grad school, so it was fairly easy for me to be patient and understanding as he worked.

Today I took the day off work and Kane stayed home until time to go give his talk. We went over to school together and I sat in with some of the other research students and watched him give his presentation. His "boss" (advising professor) was there along with another teacher who was to grade how he did.

Well, I must say that he did really well! I was so proud of him and thankful for all the work and preparation he put into his presentation. His fellow students and friends all told me that he did a good job (and that they weren't surprised). I must admit--I wasn't surprised either. Although I don't understand all of what he talked about on the chemical level, it was a great talk and it kept my interest as well as the interest of the other chemistry grad students. I was so proud of him and he was so happy once it was over. He had a little "critiquing" session with the grading teacher where he found out that he "passed" and then he and I went out to lunch, which also is not the norm for a Thursday afternoon. Kane took the rest of the afternoon off and we came home and relaxed, napped and rested. It is a wonderful thing to see your husband excel in what he does--and it's nice to have my husband back!


Becca said...

That reminds me SO much of our grad school days! I'm glad you can have more time together now--I totally remember those feelings. And I too appreciated sitting in on Matt's presentation (thesis defense) and praise God for the blessing of the wonderful words of his fellow graduate students and professors. Congrats!

Jeph and Heidi said...

I am glad for Kane that it is over. I know what it is like to share your husband with his work and it looks like I am headed into that pretty intensely now. :) But, it's all for the better of our lives...I am just glad I have Grant to occupy my time!

Betsy said...

That's great!

Dad said...

I, also, am not a bit surprised that Kane did very well. Kane,gratulations on a good "jorb" and the wisdom to know how to step back and take some time off to enjoy and celebrate the results of your hard work. (I'm proud of you, too!!!)

Mom said...

I ditto everything that was said in the comments so far! Kane, congratulations that you have that behind you now. On to MORE!!!! Yay!
I am so very proud of you both, for the way you handle this time in your lives. I am glad you all had a great day and pretty soon, Jana, when you have other bits of time like the last couple of weeks, you also will have a wee one to help you pass the time away! I love you both, actually, all three of you!
Love, Mom

Heather said...

Hey - congratulations to both of you for getting through this! Just wait till the dissertation comes around. ;-)

I have my own qualifier coming up in November - so it's inspirational to hear about Kane getting through his okay.