Saturday, December 03, 2011

Art Party---for our 6 Year Old!!!

Today we celebrated Mara Kate's 6th birthday even though her actual birthday was this past Sunday. She is completely and totally into all things creative these days, especially drawing with pencils, crayons, markers, paint and cutting and pasting with felt or fabric to make pictures, so we decided the most appropriate kind of party would be an "art party' or an "artist party". She has been waiting over a month for the day to arrive and this morning she got to hang out with some friends and a some family she got to paint and she got to share and eat her cake---it was a fun morning for her! And, thanks to the help of Crissy Ward at Created By You, everything on my end was pretty stress free as well!
So before further are pictures...
Yes, it was a bit tedious to make 6 different colors of icing for such a little amount used, but it was totally worth it for my girl!

The artist with her cake. :)
Example painting Crissy painted for the kids to use as their example. Mara Kate was able to design what she wanted to paint and this is what she came up with!

Kane with Papa Dog

Mara Kate with sweet cousins Grant & Olivia.

Mara Kate with Tuie

Little sister, Evelyn hung with Papa Dog for most of the party...they even did a little shopping in the mall together. :)

Ready to PAINT!

The beginnings of their hot air balloon painting---they sort of resembled Mickey Mouse at this point. ha!

Sky done, working on her pastures.

Kids hard at work on their artwork.

Olivia with her "zebra" hot air balloon!

Other paintings---each one so unique and original!

Present time!

Evelyn snarfing down some cake with our dear neighbor and friend.

More cake!

Finished products! I loved them all!

Girls' artwork

Boys' artwork.

Mara Kate's finished painting already hung on the wall!
It was a great day!