Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun

OK, before you go and get all excited....let me mention that this post and the next might be a fluke. I may or may not continue to blog of a regular basis. I love blogging and I love keeping my blog updated fairly often, but life has sped up and been busier since the addition of baby #2, so I'm making no promises about the state of this blog. I am hoping that now that Evelyn is past her 1st b-day I might find a bit more time to blog, but we'll all just have to wait and see about that.

But, today I have a bit of time and some pictures to share so I decided to write a post! Shocking, I know. :)

Today we officially started back to school with Mara Kate. Last year we did some pre-K stuff as well as a bit of Kindergarten this year we are doing more Kindergarten and whatever else we can add in. We'll just take it at our own pace and have fun along the way.

But, since yesterday was sort of our "last official day of Summer" I was planning to take the girls to the pool one last time...but I called (am glad I did) and found out that they have already closed the pool on weekdays and are only open on Saturdays from now until Labor Day. (So, we are hoping to hit the pool on Saturday instead). But, since the girls were already in their swimsuits I decided to let them play in the hose. During our recent anniversary getaway trip to Destin, my mother in law was here taking care of the girls and she came up with this set up with the hose and sprinkler I just set it all up again and let the girls splash around for awhile. They had a lot of fun!!!

Evie in her "tub" of water.

MK the model. Ha!

Such a happy girl---she loves the water!

Wow---look at that spray!

I think I'll touch it. :)

Now for a new trick...I'll stand up in the tub of water all on my own! Look Mom!!

Soaking wet!

Ready to sit after standing.