Saturday, May 07, 2011


Sign Mara Kate colored for Kane's birthday!

This past Tuesday was a special day at our house. It was Kane's birthday and our little family had a fun time celebrating together. 

Mara Kate and I made one of Kane's favorite cakes (Creme de Menthe). We met him for supper after work, then came home for cake and presents. The girls each gave him a gift and I gave him a "coupon" to get some athletic shoes he has been wanting.

You can't see the individual candles in the top photos, but there were 29 of them and yes, some of them were pink (sorry, Babe, I'll try to plan a little better next time). I guess pink candles is what happens when you are the only man in a house of 3 girls. ha! 
Thankfully it didn't phase him at all! 

Kane, you better live it up this year, the last year in your 20's! Take my advice---your older and wiser wife. :)

Evie was very curious about the fire on the cake! :)  


Exuberant Elizabeth said...

I love this! :)