Monday, March 28, 2011

Special Delivery

Awhile ago Mara Kate and I had a conversation about Fancy Nancy and just how much she loved being fancy just like Fancy Nancy is in all of her books. While we were talking I suggested that she could write the author of the Fancy Nancy books and let her know just how much she enjoyed all of her books and other Fancy Nancy things (pencils, stickers, books, dress up clothes, dolls, etc). I even mentioned that the author might enjoy hearing about the Fancy Nancy birthday party she had as well. Mara Kate thought I was crazy for thinking she could actually send a letter to to "someone we didn't even know"! But, I told her I thought we could as long as we could find an address to send it to!

So, we looked online and we did indeed find an address where you could send fan mail to the publishing company so we decided we'd give it a try.

At first Mara Kate was hoping that I would actually write the letter and she could just tell me what to say and I did consider doing it this way, but then I decided this would be a great way for her to get in some handwriting practice. So, she decided what she would want to say, I wrote it and then she copied it. It took her about 4 days of working on it during her usual hand-writing time and she was so proud of herself when she was finished. I was proud of her too that I decided to make a copy of her letter before mailing it so we'd have a record of all that hard work:

 page 1

page 2

After she was finished composing her letter we enclosed a picture of her all dressed up as fancy as can be at her birthday party with her tiered cake and we sent it off to New York City! 
I wasn't sure if we'd here anything back, but last week Kane got the mail and came inside and showed me an envelope addressed to Mara Kate that was stamped New York, NY!

 Mara Kate asks everyday, "Did I get any mail?". 
Today the answer was, "Yes, you did!" :)

  from New York, NY! 

What is it?!
So excited to have her own letter from the lady who created Fancy Nancy!     

The letter!
We'll be saving this one for a long time.


Katie said...

That is soooo cute Jana! What a great idea and boy am I impressed with that super long letter she wrote so well! I will have to show EA to encourage her to write more...she gets so whiney if I don't tell her exactly how to spell everything b/c she hates doing it herself! :) I will have to try your trick to get her to write more willingly!

Betsy said...

So cute!

papadog said...

Hooray Mara Kate ! I'm so proud of you for writing such a nice letter. And it is very exciting that you received such a kind, personal reply.
You are my very favorite fancy girl.
I love you bunches !!

Heidi said...

thats awesomne! what a fun memory!

Susanna Rose said...

This is SO fun...what a great idea! Maybe Micah can send MK a letter and then she can have another letter from New York!:)