Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snoozing & Outings

I'm combining a few things into one blog post. Gotta be super efficient these days if I want to get anything done! :)

Snoozing Baby...

Evelyn snoozing one afternoon!

Sitting pretty in pink! Another snooze in the Boppy!
I love sweet, peaceful, sleeping babies!

I don't mind her snoozing during the day---as long as it doesn't make her wide awake at night. No pattern yet though---we've had some good nights with decent sleep and some not so good night's too! She's still a wonderful blessing even when we are too tired to think!

Family Outing...

Last night we went out for ice cream as a family (at Bruster's) to finish out the time Kane has had off from work this month.
I am SOO very thankful that he has had an entire month off to help out surrounding the time of Evelyn's arrival. Of course the first week when she was in two NICU's I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been off work. He was there with me every step of the way and I'm so thankful to God that He knew before we did just how important it would be for Kane to be off work that first week. It's also been nice to have him around to help with errands, grocery shopping, taking care of Mara Kate & Evelyn, etc. the first couple weeks she was home. We are sad to send him back to work, but we are very thankful for his job and his desire to work hard to provide for us. But, we will definitely miss him around here during the days!

We really enjoyed our little family outing last night!

Evie chilling in her car seat at Bruster's

Mara Kate with her kid sundae---gummy worms and all!

MK & Daddy


First Outing On My Own...

This morning I decided I needed to attempt taking both girls somewhere on my own. I've been nervous about flying solo (feels pretty overwhelming still at this point), but I knew I just needed to try it out to see how we did. Thankfully I feel somewhat rested today as Evelyn went to bed on the earlier side last night so I felt I had enough energy to attempt an outing. I took Mara Kate to the Summer story hour at the library. I used my new double stroller for the first time and we actually made it on time! I even gave Evelyn a bath before we went, so that was an extra bonus of productivity for my day!

Mara Kate enjoyed story hour and thankfully Evelyn slept the entire time (she's actually STILL asleep in her car seat, which is why I have a few minutes to update the blog) so today's outing was fairly easy and a success!

Evelyn napping in her car seat while on the go.
She's already borrowing things from her big sister---Mara Kate let her borrow her butterfly clip because it matched the butterfly on her outfit. :)

In the double stroller. I got everyone loaded up just fine, then had to push that contraption (probably weighing over 75 pounds total) up a big hill to the library entrance. When I got to the top I was extra sad that I had forgotten my water bottle!

Then, after story time I got the girls loaded back into the car and then realized I didn't know how to fold that stroller back up! Ha! It took me several minutes of pushing and pulling different levers on the stroller until it collapsed! Once it was back in the trunk I also collapsed into the front seat of the car before driving us all back home.



Heidi said...

So proud of you! It's seriously a big step...and a scary one the first time!!!